Dear Rinjong, We are happy to have known you and your family! Meeting you left us a remember of sweetness, intelligence, sensibility that we'll never forget. we are waiting for you in Italy. Beahice and Paclo, Carlota. Milano, Italy.


Dear Rinjong and the family, thank you very much for letting us be a part of your family, enjoy the local food and drinks and even put on a Lepcha dress. We enjoyed every minute of our stay and will share our experience with our families and friends. We wish you prosperity and further development of your Home business. Let's keep in touch, we will be happy to hear more from you! You are welcome to visit us in Russia & Singapore. Cheers, Victoria & Evgenia


It is always a special experience to visit other Societies and to see how they work and how they practice their every day life. Back home-you will see your own society with other eyes then before. The success of this experience always depends on the people you meet (and your own open mind). In Dzongu these "field, ladies" cannot go wrong, because your guide for all your needs, and your curiosity is Rinjong (with the aid of her family). It was a pleasure to visit her home stay. The hospitality was overwhelingly and made this visit unforgettable for me. All the best to the whole family. Armin, Germany


We truly enjoy our stay here. An only guese being we wished we could here stay longer than a night. The entire family has been very loving to us. And my recommen dation to all travelers would be to experience the lepcha hospitality at least once. Wishing Gyatso and his family a heart felt thanks for your hospitality. D'suza family,Mumbai.


You have built a wonderful place here; so peaceful and with such a beautiful views. Thank you very much for your hospitality and for sharing your knowledge of the lepcha culture. I wish you all the best for the future. Peter Vender, France.


I really enjoyed my stay at Dzongu, and I would like to make much of my next visit there. It is truly a wonderful place! Thanks for everything! Daniel Friedman, Canada.