Welcome to Dzongu:

Dzongu, the holy land of the Lepchas, lies in the North District of Sikkim amidst steep inclines and deep valleys in the last range of earth covered hills ahead of the rocky Himalayan snow clad peaks. An almost virgin territory with a scanty population of Sikkim’s native inhabitants, the lepchas. It is the untouched heaven in the Northern Sikkim with a striking beauty. It is a beautiful land of dense jungle groves, mountains and pristine glacial streams that nurture both the human and natural habitation around. Numerous waterfalls cascade down steep cliffs and bubbling hot springs can be found hidden beneath the shelter of caves. In other words, a pristine and soothing natural world with tiny beautiful Lepcha hamlets and divine calmness characterizes the place.

Dzongu has been established as an official reserve for the Lepcha people, the aboriginal inhabitants of Sikkim. The Lepchas have strong ties with the nature and have lived here for centuries.